Spanish Numbers
This free online guide to Spanish Numbers provides an educational resource to help teach beginners basic words, number vocabulary and how to count in Spanish.
This is an ideal place for kids and beginners to start learning the language. We have provided tools to help you learn how to say, write and spell the numbers in Spanish.
Number 1-10
Number 11-20
Number 21-30
Number 31-40
Number 41-50
Number 51-60
Number 61-70
Number 71-80
Number 81-90
Number 91-100
Number 100-1000
Spanish Numbers
The translation of 'the number' is el número and the phrase 'the numbers' translates to 'los números' in Spanish.

Número is a masculine word which ends with the letter 'o', therefore, the definite article (the) translates to el or los depending on whether or not it's followed by a plural. The translation of 'Spanish Numbers' is 'los números en español' with the basics for children and beginners, and advance to large numbers, ordinal numbers and fractions. We provide different methods to help you learn, understand, and remember each number en español; making learning as easy as possible.

Spanish Numbers - Large, Small, Cardinal and Ordinal
Beginners should start with simple, basic words and learn how to count to ten first. The language video at the further down this page will teach you how to pronounce Spanish Numbers correctly. Listen to our free audio video, via our main site, as many times as you like; pause the video to practice saying a number out loud. This is a good learning resource for beginners who would like to learn how to count in this language beginning with small basic numbers 1 to 10 and proceeding to larger numerals including the number 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 or 1000 when you feel confident and ready.

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